Good preparation is half the job. That certainly applies to the climb of the Mont Ventoux! We encourage all participants to start on time with a good training schedule. Go to a local gym, cycling, running or walking club and let yourself be well informed. Usually there are several professionals at these clubs who are happy to help you on your way.

A sport medical examination is not mandatory but we recommend it. An inspection by a sports doctor gives the security well prepared to appear at the start.

The road to the top

The Mont Ventoux is a tough climb. Nevertheless, trained and less trained athletes get the top every year. The highest point of the Mont Ventoux is at an altitude of 1,912 meters. It is an inaccessible mountain with steep climbs, through a hard and bare landscape with an eternal strong wind. It is a surprise every day how the weather conditions are on top of the mountain. Sun, mist, rain, wind and cold have free rein and it is an art to defy these elements as an athlete.

On top of the mountain you are never alone and everyone is brought in as a hero!

The climb starts for cyclists as well as runners and walkers in Sault, located between the lavender fields on the east side of the Mont Ventoux. Participants are guided along the way by motards, who regulate traffic. Most athletes conquer the mountain once. The summit of Mont Ventoux can be reached from three villages: Bedoin, Malaucène and Sault. From whatever side someone comes, who once is above has delivered a great performance. Our official route knows the start in Sault. From this village all participants start the ascent. More information can be found on the website of De Kale Berg.

Multiple climbing

It is possible to climb the Mont Ventoux from the three villages in one day. If you like it, you can officially register it at the Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux. Please note that we do NOT provide extra support to participants who want to climb the Ventoux more often. You are responsible for this yourself. However, we ask everyone who wants to climb Mont Ventoux several times in one day to report this to the organization.

All official climbs start from Sault!

Mont Ventoux - east side
765-1909 m length 25.9km | 4.7%

The French Lavender Town Sault, located between the lavender fields on the south side of this beautiful Mont Ventoux, offers a fantastic opportunity to climb this mountain, again via Chalet Reynard. In the middle of the lunar landscape, unprotected by trees, the last 7 kilometers can be surprising. Not only a bright sun but also the local mistral with wind speeds of up to 150 km per hour can form an unexpectedly vicious opponent with the last 1.5 km for dessert, up to just over 13%!

The climb of the Mont Ventoux from Sault is 25.9 kilometers long and spans a height difference of 1,144 meters with an average gradient of about 5%.