About us

The Foundation Mont Ventoux has been establishes in 2007. The feeling of solidarity with life and the fight against cancer is the most important value of the foundation Mont Ventoux. We are proud of the achievements of the participants, volunteers, sponsos and other people who are involved. They are doing a great job. Because of the responsibility, taken together, we manage to concur the Mont Ventoux and deliver a substantial contribution for the fight against cancer.

The reason the climb of the Mont Ventoux was introduced was because of an appeal in 2007 from René Gaastra, he was unexpectedly diagnosed with a brain tumor. He asked if his team wanted to support him and the KWF fight against cancer, by cycling uphill on the Mont Ventoux. Approximately 45 cyclists participated in the first year! Their mission together was a huge success. Due to the bus trip together, staying at the hotel together and having the same goal for making a substantial contribution towards the KWF fighting against cancer, the group became one big family and became friends for life!