I want to participate

Thinking of joining us and climb the Mont Ventoux?

We are thrilled that you want to participate! During the first edition in 2007 we went to the top with 45 cyclists. In 2012, there were more than 1,000. In addition to the number of participants, the possibilities to climb Mont Ventoux have propagated also. You can go up cycling, walking, by handbike or running.

A big commitment

We see the ascent of Mont Ventoux as a sporting battle that symbolically represents the battle against cancer. We are one big family! This is reflected in the enormous involvement that participants have with each other, but also the volunteers and the organization feel very connected to the whole. This great involvement also has its effect on the local level. We also have an eye for local initiatives related to the disease. We find it extremely important that we not only support the fight against cancer nationally through the Dutch Cancer Society, but also locally. That is why we also support smaller local initiatives that make a valuable contribution to their immediate environment.

A value greater than money

We collect money for two projects that the Foundation has selected within the Dutch Cancer Society and local charities. Of course we go every year for a nice amount, but the mutual support, the involvement and the resulting friendships that the Foundation Mont Ventoux from 2007 on the basis of, are invaluable.

Ascension on 30 and 31 August

Also in 2018 is again climbed on 2 days: Thursday, August 30 and Friday, August 31. Because of the interest and from the point of view of safety, the climb by hikers and runners is on Thursday, August 30th. The climb for cyclists and handbikers is on Friday 31 August. Both days are equally important to us, the participants, the supporters, the sponsors and the volunteers. We assume that everyone understands that safety on the mountain and responsibly make the top important for a fantastic and successful event.

Donate your sponsorship money to one of the charities selected by our committee!

Every year, the Charities Commission selects a number of local goals where part of the sponsor money goes to. Participants can decide for themselves which 'local' goal 40% of their sponsor money is donated. "Now the participants can indicate this themselves", says Henk ten Hulscher, board member of the Good Causes Commission and chairman of the Foundation. "It makes the connection stronger and the approximately twenty-five local targets can also recruit participants and teams and strengthen their position."

The remaining 60% goes to two projects that the Foundation has selected within the KWF. These are the Brain Tumor in Children projects and the Child Cancer Department project at the AMC / EKZ in Amsterdam and the Erasmus MC-Sophia in Rotterdam, which focuses on the development of so-called targeted medicines. These are new medicines that are more effective and also have fewer side effects.

Of course, the participants can also leave the choice for the local goals to the foundation.