Info for Teams

Participating as a team of colleagues is a good idea for a number of reasons:

  • corporate social responsibility
  • strengthen mutual relationships
  • stimulate healthy lifestyle
  • positive promotion for the organization

A team does not have to be composed of employees of a company. Every group, such as a group of friends, family or charity group, of at least 2 people can register as a team.

Registration procedure teams

The step-by-step plan for registering a team is as follows:

  • The team captain registers the team via the 'Join as team' button that you find on the 'register' page.
  • The team captain goes through the registration procedure. After payment the team is registered and the team captain is registered.
  • The team members can then register via the 'join existing team' button which you will find on the 'register' page.

Own profile page & team page

In addition to the team page we have created, all individual participants will also receive their own profile page after they have registered. The intention is to use your own network via this page and to collect as much sponsor money as possible. By actively working on your own profile page and the team page, you can keep your sponsors continuously informed. It is therefore possible to sponsor an individual participant, but people may also deposit an amount in the name of the entire team via your team page.