Information for runners

The climb from Sault for runners is going to take place this year on Thursday 30th August.


Running during your climb of the Mont Ventoux starts with a good preparation. Make sure you wear well fitted running shoes. We advise you to buy running shoes at a specialised running shop. Shoes get personally measured, based on the form of the feet and the way you walk. The right shoes have an optimal shock absorber and prevent pain in your joints.

The second aspect is clothing. Every participant will receive, on behalf of the Stichting Mont Ventoux, a running shirt and running shorts. Wearing the shorts and shirt is mandatory at this event. Be prepared for the changing of the weather! Make sure you have warm clothes (thermoshirt, long running pants) to wear on the day of the climb.


The climb is almost 26 kilometres. This is more than a half marathon, plus you will need to go uphill. Adjust your training to this. The approximate time-indication you need to climb the Mont Ventoux is an hour, apart from your half marathon time. Try when you have reached the top of your training schedule, to have a run for as long as the climb of the Mont Ventoux. In this way, you will experience the effect it has on the body.

Unfortunately, there is limited possibility to train uphill in the Netherlands. We advise you to go regularly to a gym to train on a treadmill and to adjust the angle of the inclination. But exercising on a hill is a good option as well. Experience what it does to your body and to your muscles. Adjust your training accordingly.

The last important aspect of the training is food. When you run a long time uphill, the burning goes faster than when you walk on a flat area. Because of this, you should eat enough to compensate all the energy you use for running during the climb. Make sure you practice your training with food during the running and decide the best food for you. For example: energy bars, gels, dextrose, but also sultana’s and bread are possibilities. Choose what is best for you and bear in mind, it has to be something that you can easily eat whilst you are running.

And of course, not to forget: make sure you drink enough. We advise you to wear a belt with bottles of water, lemonade or energy drinks during the run.

The climb

You can split the climbing of the Mont Ventoux up in 3 parts: the run-up, the woods and the top. You can hand over a bag with dry clothes at the start, which will be taken to the top for you.

The run-up

From the start in Sault you walk on a slightly inclined road, to the feet of the Mont Ventoux. At this point you don’t start to fast. The start is with everyone together. Don’t try to compete with other runners. Walk at your own pace. Also, don’t try to catch up with your running partner. It’s possible you two have the same tempo in the Netherlands but uphill it could be different. Start at this period also with your food and drinks.

The woods

After 7 kilometres, you will get to the woods where the real climb will begin. Try to find your own pace. Make sure you have enough food and drinks and make use of the care and first aid posts. Protect yourself with a strong anti-insect repellent (with deet), against flies and hornets.

The top

After about 19 kilometres you will arrive at Charlet Reynard. This is the end of the woody part and this is where the rest of your climb to the top will continue. This is the bare part of the mountain and there is less protection against rain and wind. The higher you’ll go, how colder it will become. Make sure you are prepared for this and have warmer clothes ready to put on. Arm parts can also be an option. After about 7 kilometres you will arrive at the top. You will be brought back to Chalet Reynard with a shuttle bus. From there you are going back to Montbrun-les-Brains with a bus.