Medical Tips

At the end of August/ beginning of September lots of participants will take part in the event of the Stichting Mont Ventoux. The management is endeavouring safety during the event. This is for the participants as well as for the involved volunteers.

Fit at the start, healthy at the top

The climb of the Mont Ventoux is a major challenge for many participants. Previous experiences show it is a major achievement for a participant to reach the top. It takes a lot of effort, as the participant has to be in a good healthy condition and has to be very well trained. A good preparation is a very important part for being successful.

The Foundation advices the participant to have a sports medical examination, even when there is no awareness of any medical conditions. We advise you to have an examination at the start of your training, approximate 6 months before the event in September. Various health insurances will reimburse (either the full amount or a part of the amount) for a periodic sports medical test. For the Sports Medical Advice Centre in the Netherlands, please click on this link.

On the website of the Foundation you will find referral-links, which are of great importance to your preparation. Training-schedules, diet advice, information and advice about the equipment as well as your clothing.


In the unforeseen circumstances of a participant becoming unwell, the first aid service greatly appreciates any information about your medical history and medication (especially for someone with a history of diabetes or epilepsy). To inform our team of your medical history, please to this by the following steps:

  • Log into the Website
  • At the option to add something to your profile, you will find a form
  • When you have finished the form, please email it to: physician@ventouxagainstcancer.eu.
  • You may also send the form to us by post, you will find the address on the form

Medical assistance during your stay

During the stay in France, the participant is entitled to the use of medical care, based on the local medical facilities. In case you get injured or if you have any medical complaints in the days leading up to the climb, due to which you may not be able to participate in the climb, the participant need to report this to the information desk in Montbrun les Bains. The doctor of the Stichting will be informed about this and organises an appointment with the participant. The doctor might have to advise the participant to stop the participation for medical reasons. The doctor could, in extreme cases only, advice the management to stop the relevant person participating in the event.

Medical assistance during the climb

Mobile medical teams are available during the climb. They can immediately assist at incidents or accidents. In case of the need of the participant to be transported to the hospital, The Stichting will organize this through the local assistance services. The doctor may, on behalf of the Stichting Mont Ventoux, decide that the participant has to stop the climb or descent of the Mont Ventoux. The participant will have to comply with the decision of the doctor.