Policy plan and rewards


This policy plan describes the strategy of Foundation Mont Ventoux Meppel (the foundation). With the establishments of the strategy, the foundation concentrates on its goal achievements. The goals of the foundation are:

  • The collecting of funds and attracting of other foundations, on behalf of the Queen Wilhelmina foundation for the fight against cancer (KWF kankerbestrijding)
  • The collecting of funds and attracting of other foundations on behalf of other local-and/or regional active foundations or organizations who have as goal:
    • Taking care-and/or supporting of patients whom have been diagnosed with cancer.
    • Organizing activities towards the prevention of cancer
    • Supporting or researching the causes of cancer
  • Doing other deeds, which are helping and/or are benefitting the fight against cancer
  • Of all the money collected by the Mont Ventoux foundation, at least 60% will help the Queen Wilhelmina foundation for the fight against cancer (KWF kankerbestrijding.)

The foundation has been founded on the 3rd April, 2007. Since that day, the foundation organizes a climb every year of the Mont Ventoux in France. The participants and the foundations fundraise money together.


The foundation has 3 core values: Sense, energy and ambition. The aim of the foundation, is to form a strong bond during life with cancer and in the fight against cancer. The activities, throughout the entire year, revolve around the organization of the event in the France. By organizing meetings. (kick-off, clinics, information meetings, after party, etc.) These meetings encourage the commitment of participants, volunteers, sponsors and other charity’s.


The foundation organizes the activities with the help of volunteers. None of the volunteers, not even the board members, get a reward for their deeds.


The foundation enrolls sponsors and collects sponsor money on behalf of KWF Kankerbestrijding and various other local and/or regional charities. Charities who focuses on people with cancer and focuses on the prevention of cancer.

Conditions of participating in the climb of the Mont Ventoux, is that every participant has to fundraise at least 400 euro. The management board decides every year if the amount of money needs to be adjusted. The foundation focusses also on the enrollment of general sponsors for funding and/or payment in kind.


The foundation concentrates on the organization of activities around the climb of the Mont Ventoux in France. The principle is to establish a qualitative, but most importantly a safe event. The foundation is restricted to the local law and rules in France. Participation to the event is at your own risk.


The funding of the event and the payments for the general organization takes place by the participants, who pay for their participation and who pay a registration fee for the event. The participation money gets determined by the management every year. The foundation aims to keep the costs as low as possible.


Furthermore, the foundation organizes the transport to and from the accommodation in France for participants, supporters, volunteers and others. There will be a fee for covering these costs. This fee will be determined by the management.


At least 60% of the received money funds are collected on behalf of KWF kankerbestrijding. These funds are only used by KWF kankerbestrijding for the financing of research projects. In consultation with the KWF kankerbestrijding, there will be a decision made on which research projects will get funded. Only the research projects, which are approved by the scientific board of KWF kankerbestrijding, will be considered.

The foundation also supports local and/or regional charities which help in the Support of people with cancer or who focuses on the prevention of cancer. These charities can submit a donation request. The foundation also approaches charities who have the same views and goals.

Every donation request will be considered by the foundation. The charities will have to give their organization data, policy plan, budget, financial responsibilities and an explanation of their investment plan. There will be a meeting organized in which their goals can be discussed.

Principles for acceptation of the donation request is that the expenditure satisfies the foundation’s requirement criteria. This means that the activities have to be focused on the caring and/or supporting of patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, the prevention of cancer and/or the supporting of the research of the causes of cancer and treatment. There also has to be a financial need.

The foundation will decide the amount of money for the charities, based on the requests and information provided.

To ensure of the involvement of the charities, there has been decided that, since 2014, the participants can indicate if they want to participate for a specific charity. 40% of the by participants fundraised sponsor money will benefit a charity. The other 60% will, according with statutory decisions of the foundation, be donated to KWF kankerbestrijding. If the participants don’t select a charity, the foundation will decide which charity will receive the money.


The collected payments, which the foundation receives as sponsor money and/ or participant money will get transferred to a bank - and savings account. The foundation will not use this money for buying and/or selling of risk bearing (bank)products or real estate investments.

Payments to the received funds will take place, as mentioned in the paragraph charities.

Purchases will be done on behalf of the responsible board members, after coordination with the management and/or bookkeeper. Payment of the incurred costs will have to take place by the bookkeeper, after the invoice has been signed by the responsible board member. (not the bookkeeper).

Every year the bookkeeper will draw up a budget plan, in consolidation with the involved members of the board. The participation cost and package prices will be based on this budget plan. The management will need to approve the budget. In addition, the bookkeeper compiles an annual financial statement, containing at least a balance sheet with profit and loss figures. The financial statements and its administration will be checked by a separate auditing committee. The annual account will be decided by the management and will be published and explained on the website of the foundation.

Reward policy

The Mont Ventoux Foundation directors, conform the statutory rights, will not receive and have no right to claim for compensation for their work.